Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

I sure have fallen short of my best intentions to post a new installment every four to six weeks. BUT, I’ll fearlessly take another stab at maintaining fresh news on my blog. For now, the big news is that I’ve become a Yamaha Artist and I’m playing a Yamaha Custom EX with a gold plated neck, my James Houlik mouthpiece and Alexander D.C. reeds. I went to the Yamaha Atelier on 5th Avenue in New York at the end of the summer to pick out an instrument. The staff there was wonderful, and patient I might add, and I had my choice of more than a few fine instruments. The EX I selected simply spoke to me and when we added a gold plated neck it became the hands down winner. I’ve been playing on it during the first half of the season with recitals at Ithaca College and Mansfield University, followed by an epic tour of China. I really love the horn, it has a wonderful evenness of tone quality top to bottom and it is a “room filler” without be brassy. As you can imagine, I’m in the process of making friends with my new Yamaha having played my last instrument for something like twenty years. This is a great move for me … I feel challenged to explore the wonderful potential that this horn presents. Add to this the fact that it is a genuine pleasure working with the folks at Yamaha, the key words being pleasant a professional. I’m feeling pretty virtuous about finally getting back to the blog, and since tomorrow is new years even I will make a resolution to stay with it. My next entry will be an update on my very interesting Chinese tour.