James Houlik Saxophone Mouthpieces

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

Currently available for alto and tenor, James Houlik mouthpieces provide the qualities that so many players seek:

  • ready response
  • rich and even tone quality from bottom to top
  • the broadest possible dynamic range from a whisper to bold
  • enhanced access to the altissimo range

We offer these mouthpieces in one facing.  Since no two mouthpieces are identical, we will happily select a mouthpiece tailored to your musicial needs if you care to tell us what you are looking for and in what setting(s) it will be played.

Words from happy purchasers:

“Your mouthpiece is a work of art. It sings, offers great articulation and resonance. Thank you!”

“I have played on your mouthpiece for a month and it is spectacular. This is a very well made mouthpiece. Thank you!”

“I have had your tenor mouthpiece for a few months and it is a joy to play! Right out of the box it positively impacted my playing. This has not been my experience with the mouthpieces of other manufacturers. The articulation response and the ease with which I can transition into the altissimo register is beyond any of the other mouthpieces that fill my shelf!”