James Houlik Saxophone Mouthpieces

Currently available for alto and tenor, James Houlik mouthpieces provide the qualities that so many players seek:

    • ready response
    • rich and even tone quality from bottom to top
    • the broadest possible dynamic range from a whisper to bold
    • enhanced access to the altissimo range

We offer these mouthpieces in one facing.  Since no two mouthpieces are identical, we will happily select a mouthpiece tailored to your musicial needs if you care to tell us what you are looking for and in what setting(s) it will be played.

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The Complete Saxophonist

“THE COMPLETE SAXOPHONIST” is a thorough method for saxophonists at levels from beginner to moderately advanced.  Clear and systematic approaches to the development of vibrato and the altissimo register greatly simplify the mastery of these often elusive areas of saxophone performance.  A useful demonstration CD also helps to develop clear understandings of the musical and technical goals presented in the book.

“The Complete Saxophonist is an excellent and concise handbook for the serious student and responsible teacher. Its lean, to-the-point approach to the essential fundamentals of good saxophone playing is to be applauded in its scope, focus, clarity, and insight.”

– Donald Sinta, Earl V. Moore Professor of Saxophone, University of Michigan

“I think that The Complete Saxophonist is a great book, and one that has always been needed. All of the important information is here and should be in every saxophone studio.”

– Dale Underwood, Professor of Saxophone, University of Miami

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$25.00 (Shipping Included)

Tenor Tapestry – James Houlik, tenor saxophone.

Click below for the CD’s program and track listing:

CD Program

$17.00 (Shipping Included)

Saxophone Premiere

Saxophones – James Houlik, Drew Hays

Piano – Vahan Sargsyan

Violin – Eunice Keem

This is James Houlik’s latest CD, featuring the music of Sherwood Shaffer. Click below for the CD’s program and track listing:

CD Program

$17.00 (Shipping Included)